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is an innovative and extremely beginner friendly program for effortless 3D digital sculpting. Its fluid interface enables artists to quickly give shape to there imagination. No need to go through several hoops, hassles to remember several key shortcuts and tire yourself in complex pipeline for designing your 3d model.

ShapeWorks offers

Effortless Sculpting

  • Sculpting with mouse is never easy with its very intuitive tool-sets.

Adaptive Subdivision & Remeshing of Any Model

  • Meshes can be easily remeshed into Quads or Tris with subdivision feature to add intricate details while ensuring that polycount remains nominal.


  • Easily Slice 3D solid models at no computational cost.

Model optimizer

  • Easily Optimize your model with single button. No experience Needed

Huge 3D Library

  • 3D library of several Head, Face & Full body models of several fantasy and enemy characters which are easily manipulable based on the given tool-set to readily change its pose and expression.
  • ShapeWorks offers over 1000 3d models from different categories of Human organs, Dragon, Drones, Fantasy Weapons, Guns Kit, Mech with both heavy and light body type, Humanoid Mech, Medieval Weapons, Crawling Robots, Scifi-Helicopter, Scifi-Jets, Scifi-Spaceship, Scifi-Hover race cars etc. Good for fast prototyping and kit-bashing your model in short span of time.


  • Easily merge multiple models without any hoops and use the large 3D asset library & basic shapes for kit-bashing.
    The Kitbash model include:
    Fantasy Weapon
    Gun Kit
    Heavy Mech
    Heavy Mech Accessories
    Humanoid Mech
    Humanoid Mech Accessories
    Lightweight Mech
    Lightweight Mech Accessories
    Medevial Weapons
    Mobile Kill Drone
    Sci-fi Hover
    Scifi Jets
    Scifi Helicopter
    Ship/Sci-fi Guns
    Unisex Model

Huge Alpha Library

  • Use huge library of alphas to add several intricate details over your model from monster, dragon, creature to industrial alpha sets. It offers everything you may ever required to detail your 3D model.

UV Generator

    Generate 4K UVs for any obj file. That too with batch processing functionality.

Texture Appender to Obj

    Append Painted UVs or Tetxure to the Obj FIle With Single Button

Any Model Convertor

    Convert Any model to the most widely used 3D format with single click. Supported Format includes: Import Model: Autodesk ( .fbx ), Collada ( .dae ), glTF ( .gltf, .glb ), Blender 3D ( .blend ), 3ds Max 3DS ( .3ds ), 3ds Max ASE ( .ase ), Wavefront Object ( .obj ), Stanford Polygon Library ( .ply ), AutoCAD DXF ( .dxf ), LightWave ( .lwo ), LightWave Scene ( .lws ), Modo ( .lxo ), Stereolithography ( .stl ), DirectX X ( .x ), AC3D ( .ac ), Milkshape 3D ( .ms3d )Export Model to: Collada ( .dae ), Wavefront Object ( .obj ), Stereolithography ( .stl ), Stanford Polygon Library ( .ply ), Autodesk ( .fbx ), DirectX X ( .x ), 3ds Max, 3DS ( .3ds ), glTF ( .gltf, .glb )

Note: This software is for Windows only. Upon purchase you will get a steam key. 


Buy Now$35.99 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $35.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

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